Tokyo launches music piracy clampdown

14 Sep 2009

Japan is forging ahead with plans to stem the rising tide of music piracy and is considering plans to install software capable of blocking illegally copied music on every mobile phone, The Financial Times reports. Talks between the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), mobile phone operators and music download sites are to begin in Tokyo next week, with the agenda clearly designed to underscore the country’s desire to agree a working framework on new anti-piracy measures by the end of the year. If all goes to plan a new system could be in place by 2011. Under the system proposed by the RIAJ, whenever a user tries to play a song, software in their mobile phone will ask a security server whether it is covered by copyright. If so, and the phone does not have a code to indicate it was bought legally, the song will not play. The Financial Times quotes RIAJ technical director Yoichiro Hata as saying the key to the system’s success is the fact that Japanese cellcos control all the software in their handsets.