DoT announces 7 December date for 3G auction; CDMA1xEVDO and WiMAX sales on 9 December

14 Sep 2009

Progress on the long-delayed Indian 3G auctions once again appears to be gaining momentum; on the back of recent decisions by a group of ministers confirming the base price for spectrum, the government has finally announced the auction date for UMTS spectrum. According to the Economic Times, the state will hold the W-CDMA auction on 7 December 2009, with bids invited between 26 October and 13 November; auctions for CDMA 1xEVDO and WiMAX licences will be held two days later. Successful bidders will be required to pay deposits within five days of the auction closing, and the balance will be due after 15 days. A revised memorandum is expected to be produced by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) on 29 September, detailing the new timeline.

Keen to ensure that no issues arise at the bidding stage, the state has also called on all interested parties to submit ownership information, alongside compliance certificates, and this documentation must be received by the DoT by 23 November. Details of company shareholdings must also be submitted, with a deadline of 18 November. In addition, the DoT has announced it will hold a pre-bid conference on 12 October, with a deadline of 8 October for any questions to be heard at the meeting.