Government plans for single regulator get thumbs up from ops

11 Sep 2009

The Jamaican Gleaner reports that government plans to introduce a new telecoms specific regulator have been given the thumbs up from the countries largest telcos, Cable & Wireless (LIME) and Digicel. As it stands, oversight of the ICT sector is split between the Spectrum Management Authority (SMA), the Broadcasting Commission and the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR). Support for the proposed move is hinged on the hope that the single regulator will be more focused on ICT, as opposed to broader utilities regulation duties.

Earlier this month the Office of the Prime Minister announced that a draft ICT policy was being prepared for submission to cabinet, with a central provision being a single regulator empowered to deal with competition issues specific to the telecoms sector. The draft addresses matters including: creating a modern, cohesive and responsive legal and administrative framework; efficient spectrum planning, allocation and assignment; facilitating the accelerated deployment of affordable and accessible high capacity networks island-wide; as well as building human capacity to support ICT investments.