Swisscom to launch HSPA+ next month

9 Sep 2009

Swisscom has announced that it will switch on its HSPA+ network in October, targeting high population areas in the first instance. The cellco upgraded its wireless network to HSPA (capable of downloads at theoretical maximum speeds of 14.4Mbps) in November 2008; the latest upgrade will enable speeds of up to 28.8Mbps. Swisscom will commence the HSPA+ rollout at the Geneva exhibition site at the launch of the world’s largest telecommunications exhibition, which is taking place in the Swiss city on 5 – 9 October 2009. Thereafter, further locations across Switzerland where high volumes of customers regularly access the mobile internet will be added. It is anticipated that the first terminal devices capable of utilising the higher bandwidth will appear on the market over the coming year. Swisscom reports that mobile data and mobile internet traffic over its 3G network has trebled in the last twelve months.

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