Multilinks expands services; Starcomms launches telecentre promotion

9 Sep 2009

Nigerian CDMA operator Multilinks has expanded its voice, data and internet services to the federal state of Enugu, reports local newspaper the Daily Independent. At launch, the state government pledged to forge a positive business relationship with the operator by encouraging the people of Enguru to subscribe to Multilinks services to encourage a competitive telecoms market, and promised to ‘provide all the necessary encouragement for Multilinks to grow its business in the state.’ Multilinks also plans to provide Close User Group (CUG) services to help the government run a low cost internal communications network.

In a separate story, rival CDMA operator Starcomms has launched an offer to provide the country’s telecentres with a free solar charger enabling them to recharge their mobile phones. Nigeria operates a large number of public call offices, dubbed telecentres, which enable customers who cannot afford to buy a handset to make mobile phone calls. Starcomms’ initiative is the first of its kind in the country according to Tushar Maheshwari, COO of the company: ‘This is an initiative to ensure that we increase the accessibility of mobile phone to the public who cannot afford to buy handsets and ensure that a phone at the telecentres is always on irrespective of power cuts. We have received phenomenal response and the chargers can be used to charge all operators’ phones.’