Comcast launches 100Mbps broadband

9 Sep 2009

US-based cableco Comcast has announced that it has employed DOCSIS 3.0 technology to allow it to provide download speeds of up to 100Mbps to its corporate customers in the twin cities of St Paul and Minneapolis. The service will also provide peak upload speeds of 15Mbps. Bill Stemper, President of Comcast Business Services, said: ‘When Comcast doubled its internet speeds last year, business customers immediately took advantage of that wideband pipe to connect regional offices, support remote employees, and perform large file transfers…100Mbps service is ideal for data-intensive businesses that need this kind of speed and want an alternative to slower, more expensive T1 lines.’ Comcast is the largest broadband operator by subscribers in the US, holding a 19.4% share of the market at the end of March 2009, with over 15.3 million broadband subscribers.