iCON Communications extends service coverage

4 Sep 2009

Armenian WiMAX start-up iCON Communications has extended its broadband coverage to include the Nor Norq and Avan districts of the capital Yerevan. In a statement the company said the move is part of the planned expansion of services to cover all of Yerevan in the coming months. iCON’s latest extension means the company can now offers broadband WiMAX coverage to Nor Norq districts 2-8, parts of district 1, and the southern and central sections of Avan. In total, iCON’s network now covers over 70 square kilometres, taking in the following districts: Kentron, Arabkir, Achapnyak, Vahakni Taghamas, Kasakh village, Zeitun, Kayaran district, Nor Norq sections 2-8, and Avan.

iCON Communications’ CEO Adam Kablanian said: ‘We are very excited about this significant extension of our coverage area. The Nor Norq and Avan communities are home to thousands of residents that can now benefit from improved access to the global community of information, commerce and personal communication … Also, because iCON customers can access the internet anywhere in our coverage area, our existing customers can now use their iCON modems in Nor Norq and Avan, just as our new customers in these districts can use their modems anywhere else in the city where we provide coverage.’

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, in October 2008 Alcatel-Lucent was selected to deploy and maintain a commercial WiMAX 802.16e-2005 (Rev-e) network for iCON in Armenia. iCON is looking to provide a range of services including high speed internet access, VoIP and VPNs to business users, government organisations and residential customers. To support its launch, iCON has secured a multi-million dollar investment by a multinational holding company specialising in telecommunication investments. The financial infusion will accelerate the WiMAX rollout across the country. The regulator the PSRC gave iCON permission to expand its activities to other parts of the country in late-October 2008.

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