ANCOM considering 3G in the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands

4 Sep 2009

Romanian regulator ANCOM has announced that it has launched a public consultation on plans to allow operators to launch 3G services in the 900MHz and 1800MHz frequency bands. These bands are currently allotted, by licence, to three operators – Orange, Vodafone and Zapp – which use them to provide GSM-based 2G services. This draft decision follows a report by the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) on the compatibility between UMTS and GSM systems operating in the same frequency bands as well as the compatibility between UMTS 900/1800MHz and the systems operating in the adjacent bands. Catalin Marinescu, president of ANCOM, said: ‘The draft decision was submitted for consultation last year as well; nevertheless, we postponed its adoption as we needed to be certain that the text of the ANCOM decision is in line with the GSM Directive approved by the Council of Ministers and by the European Parliament. This draft is to be discussed and analysed by the operators, considering especially that the right to use these bands in view of providing third generation services will be exercised only following the amendment of the provisions under the licences already granted.’