DNA further extends 3G networks

3 Sep 2009

DNA Finland has announced that it has expanded the coverage area of both its 900MHz and 2100MHz 3G networks, bringing the total number of municipalities where service is available to more than 300. The telco said that it had targeted the installation of base stations for its 900MHz network in rural regions, where it claims they offer improved coverage for less investment, and in this latest round of expansion DNA installed sites in the Kivijarvi and Kuhmoinen municipalities. Those areas newly covered following the operator’s expansion of both its 3G networks are: Artjarvella, Enonkoskella, Hankasalmella, Heinavedella, Hirvensalmella, Inkoossa, Karstulassa, Kesalahdella, Kivijarvella, Kuhmoisissa, Lappajarvella, Lavialla, Oravaisissa, Pyharannassa, Raakkylassa, Vesilahdella and Ypajalla.

Finland, DNA Finland