Telstra launches appeal for higher ULLS access fee

25 Aug 2009

Australian incumbent Telstra has launched an appeal in the Federal Court against a rejection of its proposals to increase the wholesale fee for its unconditioned local loop service (ULLS) in Band 2 areas to AUD30 (USD25.2) per month, ZDnet Australia reports. The move comes after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) rejected the plans in April this year. The regulator has, in fact, since set out its own proposals for indicative prices for a range of fixed line wholesale services for the next three years, including ULLS. As part of its plans the ACCC intends to alter the regional structure for such services, and has set forth a two-zone approach, down from the existing four-zone model. The disputed Band 2 regions would fall under Zone A, and under the ACCC’s pricing plans for ULLS services the cost of this service would rise from the existing AUD14.30 per month to AUD16.90 later this year. Additionally, further increases would follow; the cost would rise to AUD20 in 2010-11 and AUD23.60 in 2011-12.