T-Mobile reveals LTE trials in Innsbruck

25 Aug 2009

Austria’s second largest mobile operator by subscribers T-Mobile has revealed that it has been operating a trial long term evolution (LTE) network in Innsbruck since the beginning of July. The network, which it claims is the largest of its kind in Europe, operates across 60 cell sites which were supplied by Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies. T-Mobile explained that the focus of the trial is to gather customer experience data, as well as proving the technical performance of the hardware and software. This is not the first move for T-Mobile in the field of LTE; in September last year the company demonstrated a LTE network in Germany for the first time, while in June 2009 the company began to showcase the technology from its Vienna Rennweg store, reaching transmission speeds of over 130Mbps. T-Mobile has called for the Austrian government to consider the distribution of 2.6GHz frequencies, so it can prepare to launch the technology on a commercial basis, although such a launch is not expected until the end of 2010 at the earliest.