Feline fresh: Orascom rebrands Cell One as Leo, other units to follow

24 Aug 2009

Namibian mobile operator Cell One will be rebranded as ‘Leo’ in a process to begin next month, writes AllAfrica.com citing The Namibian newspaper. Egypt-based parent Orascom Telecom, which took over the reins of 2G/3G operator Powercom (trading as Cell One) at the start of this year, explained that the name (pronounced ‘lay-o’) was taken from the Swahili word meaning ‘today’, while also representing the Spanish ‘lion’, and would replace a branding that had become too ‘old school’ and did not resonate well with the public. The Egyptian group added that the new brand will eventually be adopted by other subsidiaries of its Telecel Globe division in Zimbabwe (Telecel Zimbabwe), Burundi (U-Com Burundi) and the Central African Republic (Telecel Centrafrique). The cost of the rebranding is being shared between the international group and at local level, according to CEO Soban Pasha.