AccessKenya invests KES500 million in network

21 Aug 2009

Data service provider AccessKenya has announced that it has invested KES500 million (USD6.55 million) over the course of 2009 to upgrade its networks in preparation for the arrival of two fibre-optic submarine cables, SEACOM and TEAMS. SEACOM, which launched in July, has already enabled AccessKenya to double internet speeds for its 3,000 corporate customers. Group MD Jonathan Somen said: ‘In terms of the guidance that we are giving people, we are still on course. The guidance for the revenues is more than KES2 billion… The bottom line, there is growth in there but it is very much dependent on when the fibre (TEAMS) lands. If we get to turn off our satellite in September, that will be a significant improvement for us.’ According to Reuters the firm spends USD750,000 per month on satellite bandwidth suppliers and the company is hoping that the savings brought by the new cable systems will aid its move into the residential sector.

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