NetUno’s FlashPhone gets shinier

20 Aug 2009

Venezuelan cableco NetUno has launched an advanced version of its ‘FlashPhone’ VoIP telephony service. Residential and business customers can now receive a local geographical fixed line number, plus an optional secondary number with a US local code, with full domestic and international connectivity to all fixed and mobile networks, free calls between all FlashPhone users, and 1,000 monthly minutes of calls to networks in Venezuela and the US for VEF60 (USD27.90) per month. Unlike previous versions, the new FlashPhone service does not require a computer and each phone number can be used at any location over any broadband connection, and using any handset. The cost of the IP telephone adapter is VEF175. FlashPhone is marketed independently of NetUno’s cable-based triple-play services, which now cover 20 cities in Venezuela.

Venezuela, NetUno