Government accuses PT of mismanaging local telcos

20 Aug 2009

The Government of Guinea-Bissau yesterday published the results of an audit it requested concerning Portugal Telecom’s (PT’s) alleged mismanagement of national fixed line operator Guine Telecom (GT) and its mobile arm Guinetel. The report concludes the Portuguese company is responsible ‘for the mismanagement of the two companies’. The investigation considered PT’s financial and technical management of GT and Guinetel, as well as the internet service provided by Portugal Telecom since 2004. The consultant who led the audit into technical and legal matters for the two domestic operators, Adam Sheriff, found a lack of policy concerning training of staff but more damningly, his report accused PT of not investing in the network, its access services and of not respecting the rules of management. ‘Given that PT had a management contract and was paid for it, much of the responsibility for the current situation of the two companies should be given to the PT. But we must also see that the relationship during that time, between PT and the government was not the best, was not cordial. There was a lack of trust between the parties,’ Sheriff said, also expressing surprise that PT had not expanded either operator’s network access capabilities or services. PT left Guinea-Bissau in 2008.

Guinea-Bissau, Altice Portugal (MEO), Guinetel