Vodafone to restructure Ghanaian unit in line with ‘best practices’

18 Aug 2009

UK-based mobile powerhouse the Vodafone Group plans to restructure Vodafone Ghana, formerly Ghana Telecom, in line with its best practice model. In a statement to the press, the company said the reorganisation of the unit will streamline the Ghanaian business and provide it with increased flexibility and strength to compete in the local market. Vodafone intends to continue ongoing network expansion work in Ghana, where its majority owned subsidiary offers fixed line and mobile telephony, internet and data communications services, as well as improving overall quality utilisation there. Since its takeover in mid-2008, Vodafone Group claims to have created more than 7,000 new direct and indirect jobs in sales and distribution in Ghana. Going forward, Vodafone intends to increase current network capacity of 30% to 100% by the year end.

Ghana, Vodafone Group