How much should international IP VPN service cost?

12 Aug 2009

IP Virtual Private Networks (IP VPN), private lines (IPL), and dedicated internet access (DIA) have become crucial components of corporate wide area networks (WANs) and of telecommunications companies’ product portfolios. However, WAN prices vary dramatically by service provider, by class of service, by location, and by technology. For example, in Q1 2009 the monthly price of a best efforts E-3 (34 Mbps) IP VPN port in Buenos Aires ranged from USD5,800 to USD27,000. The price of an E-3 port with premium class of service was even greater, ranging from USD6,350 to USD35,650.

WAN buyers and sellers alike need objective pricing data to make informed decisions. TeleGeography’s Enterprise Network Pricing Service is a comprehensive source of pricing data and expert analysis for international wide-area networking services, including IP VPN, IPL, and DIA.

Our data are updated quarterly, and include more than 650,000 price quotes, from 2006 to the present. The Enterprise Network Pricing Database can be used to answer such questions as:

  • What is the range of prices for an E-1 IP VPN port in Cairo, Egypt?
  • How much does DIA cost in Bangkok?
  • How much does an E-1 private line from London to Mumbai cost?
  • How have carriers adjusted their service prices over the past 3 years?

Subscriptions to the Enterprise Network Pricing Service include:

  • Access to TeleGeography’s Enterprise Network Pricing Database
  • Quarterly Benchmark Network Analysis, delivered in Excel
  • Quarterly Enterprise Market Summary report, delivered as PDF
  • Analyst time for in-depth inquiries

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