Mobily boosts 3G coverage

10 Aug 2009

Saudi Arabia’s second largest mobile operator by subscribers, Mobily, has announced that it has expanded its 3G network infrastructure in the country’s northern provinces. The company’s 3G services, including HSDPA and HSUPA, have been extended to cover Ja’la, Al Ha’t, Al Khraisha, Al Khota, Al Rawdha, Al Nakheel, Al Ola, Al Faqaly, Amlaj, Beer bin Hermas, Baqa, and Taima. Also Halat Ammar, Dahma, Shari, Wadi Al Fara, and Khasibeh, raising the number of cities and villages enjoying 3G to 326 locations in the Kingdom. Mobily’s network infrastructure now covers over 80% of the inhabited areas of Saudi Arabia despite the short period since it launched in 2005.

Saudi Arabia, Mobily (Etihad Etisalat)