Synatel strikes continue to disrupt Gabon Telecom, Libertis

7 Aug 2009

Fixed line, mobile and internet services in Gabon are still being severely disrupted because of strike action that began last month at incumbent Gabon Telecom and its mobile subsidiary Libertis, local press reports. Since 9 July, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers (Synatel) has initiated industrial action in protest at the takeover of the group by Morocco’s Maroc Telecom, as well as the management strategy and wage structure. Despite negotiations with senior officials Synatel has stuck to a hardline position of denouncing the management and calling for the removal of Maroc Telecom from the board. CEO of Maroc Telecom, Abdelslam Ahizoun, has this week visited Gabon Telecom and government officials in Libreville with the aim of addressing staff grievances.