Russian consortium BWDC-Metsanco bags WiMAX concession

7 Aug 2009

Peru’s Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (Proinversion) has granted a WiMAX concession to a Russian consortium, BWDC-Metsanco. The winner was the sole bidder for the licence, offering just a dollar more than the USD3.9 million minimum set by the state body. BWDC-Metsanco is required to install 9,000 connections across twelve regions during its first year and 60,000 by the end of the fifth. CEO Dmitry Sokolov said the company plans to invest USD100 million during the first five years. BWDC-Metsanco is owned by Broadband Wireless Development Corporation (Virgin Islands) and Metsando Limited (Cyprus), both of which are associated with the Scartel Group, which operates wireless networks in Russia under the Yota brand.