Primus opts for Basslink as primary connection to Tasmania

6 Aug 2009

Australian fixed line and broadband provider Primus Telecom has signed a deal to use the recently inaugurated Basslink undersea fibre-optic cable as its primary transmission link between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, itNews reports. Primus has said that it will continue to utilise capacity on the Telstra backhaul link at the same levels as it does currently. Primus is now expected to expand the range of services it offers in Tasmania, with Ravi Bhatia, CEO of Primus, saying of the new deal: ‘We already have DSLAMs there (in Tasmania) and we intend to expand on those. The primary barrier to entry into Tasmania was lack of competitive backhaul. We used to have a development centre there but we had to pull out because of the cost of transmission.’ It is thought that Primus could re-establish the development centre, although it plans to examine plans for the Tasmanian National Broadband Network (NBN) before committing to large-scale investment in the region.

Australia, Primus Telecom (Australia)