Telstra completes 100Gbps fibre-optic trials

4 Aug 2009

Australian incumbent Telstra has announced it has completed trials of download speeds up to 100Gbps over a fibre-optic infrastructure. The telco, using equipment provided by Nortel Networks, claimed that it had achieved a number of world-firsts in the trials. Telstra tested speeds of up to 100Gbps over a continuous optical link stretching for 2,038km between Sydney and Adelaide, as well as speeds of 40Gbps across a 3,370km looped-back section of its fibre network between the two cities. Telstra claims that these tests were conducted over ‘the longest distances ever attempted.’ The trials, which ran for a two-week period last month, led Michael Rocca, Telstra’s networks and services group managing director, to claim that it’s ‘existing network is capable of transporting even larger amounts of network traffic without incurring the cost of major equipment and infrastructure upgrades’.

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