AAPT and Telstra renew fixed line wholesale terms

29 Jul 2009

ZDnet is reporting that Australian telco AAPT has reached a new wholesale agreement with incumbent Telstra worth an estimated AUD500 million (USD413.56 million) per year. Under the deal Telstra will provide AAPT with wholesale line rental (WLR), local carriage service (LCS) and PSTN originating & terminating access (PSTN OTA) services. With Telstra’s reputation reportedly improving following the departure of its previous controversial CEO Sol Trujillo, AAPT chief executive Paul Broad echoed the general consensus, noting: ‘We were very encouraged in the post-Sol era, under David Thodey, how constructive Telstra Wholesale has been in doing this deal.’ The two operators have had a working relationship since signing their first wholesale deal in 1991.

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