NTC puts in place new pulse metering rules

24 Jul 2009

The Philippines’ telecoms regulator the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has published new rules calling mobile operators to replace per-minute charging for calls with a new metering rate of per-six seconds. Currently, cellcos are allowed to charge PHP8 per pulse (i.e. 60 seconds), but in a memorandum signed yesterday the NTC ordered the rate to be adjusted to 10% of the current charging time. NTC commissioner Ruel Canobas says the move will cut call charges to the benefit of end users. The nation’s cellcos have been given four months to implement the new rates because the companies have to make some changes to their systems, Canobas added. They now have 30 days to submit their revised charging rates based on a six-second per pulse charge. However, the memorandum does not rule out the use of per-minute billing entirely, and customers can opt to for such a way of paying, or indeed sign up to ‘unlimited’ services instead. International calls are not covered by the regulation, the NTC said.