Qwest boosts broadband speeds

21 Jul 2009

US-based wireline and broadband operator Qwest International has announced plans to roll out VDSL2 technology across its networks in 14 states; doubling its connection speeds for qualifying residential and small business customers. The new service offers peak download speeds of 40Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps. Neil Cox, vice president of Qwest products and IT said: ‘Faster download speeds are important, but upload speeds are getting more attention. By increasing connection speeds in both directions, Qwest is poised to support user-generated content and simultaneous high-bandwidth applications, like multiple online video streams and downloads or multiple players of online video games.’ Qwest has started to deploy the service in areas of Denver, Tucson, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis/St. Paul, planning to expand the service over the coming months to 23 markets covered by the company’s fibre-optic backbone network.

United States, Qwest Communications International