Big three report June subscriber totals

21 Jul 2009

China’s three main telecoms operators have announced their subscriber totals for the end of June 2009. The month saw the net addition of approximately 8.25 million new mobile subscribers across the People’s Republic, of which 5.02 million joined China Mobile, pushing the operator’s total user base to over 493.1 million including 959,000 users of its TD-SCDMA network. China Telecom added 2.37 million new users to its base, to take the total number of customers on its CDMA-based network to 39.3 million while China Unicom added just 860,000 new customers during the month, to end June with 140.38 million users.

China Telecom reported the loss of 1.39 million fixed lines in service during June, reducing its total to 199.4 million, while China Unicom lost 255,000 for a total of 108.5 million. The pair both reported growth in broadband customers, with China Telecom adding 810,000 new users to reach 49.05 million, and China Unicom adding 980,000 to reach 34.9 million.