NTT Com launches wide-area Ethernet via IP network

20 Jul 2009

NTT Communications (NTT Com) has launched a wide-area Ethernet service for business customers in Japan using broadband IP access lines, JCN reports. The new service went live on 17 July under the banner Group-Ether, promising to deliver low-cost nationwide network coverage by utilising broadband access lines provided by NTT Com’s sister companies NTT East and NTT West for certain versions of their FLET’S-branded internet access services. Group-Ether provides Layer 2 connectivity, NTT Com said, and will supplement its existing wide-area Ethernet service, e-VLAN. Service fees depend on the type of package (i.e. bandwidth and access line) taken, but a typical main category service using NTT Com’s ‘Economy Plan’ bandwidth and a FLET’S Hikari ‘Next Family’ access line will cost JPY18,900 (USD200.50) per month.

Japan, NTT Communications