Orange boosts residential services.

16 Jul 2009

Orange Kenya (previously Telkom Kenya) has announced that it has revamped its residential internet services, launching a new broadband offering dubbed ‘Broadband Nyumbani’. The service targets home users in areas where there is existing ADSL coverage and utilises unused capacity in existing copper infrastructure to provide peak download speeds of 1Mbps. The service also includes an integrated fixed line voice connection. Jean-Michel Chanut, head of marketing at Orange Kenya, said: ‘Telkom Kenya’s move into residential broadband is part of its strategy to offer value added services to customers and maintain the lead in the data services market as it prepares for the landing of the fibre optic cables (TEAMS and SEACOM)… The main benefit expected from the fibre optic cables is the availability of internet access characterised by higher bandwidth and lower costs. This outcome is likely to result in a substantial growth in the number of residential internet users.’

Kenya, Telkom Kenya