Tele2 easily fastest mobile broadband in Croatia, study shows

14 Jul 2009

Mobile operator Tele2 offers the fastest mobile broadband services of the three 3G/3.5G networks in Croatia, says an extensive University of Zagreb study conducted in 89 towns/districts with more than 3,000 inhabitants, at a total of 288 randomly selected locations. Compared to its two W-CDMA/HSPA network rivals, T-Mobile and VIPnet, Tele2 achieved the fastest download speed in 82% of locations, while in terms of upload the Swedish-backed cellco was fastest at 97% of test spots. Average downlink speed of Tele2’s network was 2.69Mbps, which was twice as fast as VIPnet’s 1.32Mbps average and 1.25Mbps for T-Mobile, whilst Tele2’s upload average speed was 910kbps – three times faster than the 280kbps and 170kbps averages attributed to T-Mobile and VIPnet respectively. Tele2 offered the fastest mobile broadband in the four largest cities – Zagreb, Split, Osijek and Rijeka. In Zagreb, Tele2 averaged 3.45Mbps/940kbps (download/upload), whilst the single highest rate measured in the tests, 6.09Mbps, was also over the Tele2 network in the capital.