Telstra upgrades Sydney-Melbourne fibre link

13 Jul 2009

Australian fixed line and broadband incumbent Telstra has upgraded the capacity of its fibre-optic link between Sydney and Melbourne in a bid to cope with the surge in network traffic between the two cities, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The telco has spent approximately three months improving the capacity of its Next IP link between the two cities, enhancing equipment at both ends, and the middle, of the cable infrastructure. The upgrades will allow Telstra to quadruple its data throughput on each optical wavelength in the fibre from 10Gbps to 40Gbps. Commenting on the development Michael Rocca, managing director of Telstra’s network and service group, said: ‘In the past five years, IP traffic on Australian inter-capital routes has grown tenfold and while this is not having any detrimental impact on our customers, it is imperative that we keep ahead of the surge in demand for the carriage of voice, data and video.’ Telstra’s international IP data traffic has reportedly increased from 3,000Tb a month in January 2006 to approximately 6,900Tb two years later, while domestic traffic grew from approximately 4,000Tb to around 13,000Tb in the same period.

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