BT increases pace of fibre rollout

9 Jul 2009

British fixed line and broadband incumbent BT has announced that it is accelerating its plans for the deployment of its new ‘super fast’ fibre-optic broadband network, and now expects more than 1.5 million homes to have access to fibre-based services by ‘early summer 2010’. The telco expects around one million properties to be able to connect directly via fibre by March 2010 in what it claims is a doubling of the speed of its network deployment. It has released a list of 69 locations spread across England, Wales and Scotland that have been earmarked for the latest phase of development, and the revelation comes just days after it revealed it had begun pilots of the technology in the London and Cardiff areas. Commenting on the plans, Steve Robertson, CEO of Openreach, the division of the operator responsible for the rollout said: ‘Fibre is the future and so we’re speeding up the pace of our plans. We had aimed to get fibre to half a million homes by next March but we’re now being far more ambitious. We’ve received a tremendous response to date and so we’re keen to get on with the job.’ BT has set aside GBP1.5 billion (USD2.41 billion) for the construction of its new infrastructure, and aims to have made super fast broadband available to around 40% of the population by 2012.

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach)