EasyCall targets schools, hospitals to drive up revenue

7 Jul 2009

EasyCall Communications Philippines Inc, a Filipino telecoms company which started life offering paging services but later migrated to internet service provision, says it plans to target schools and hospitals to increase revenues as part of its plan to deploy a nationwide data communications network. The BusinessMirror reports that in a submission to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), EasyCall said its service offering involves the sale of bandwidth to primary and secondary medical hospitals as well as to educational institutions. The operator’s proposed internet access service would cost between PHP11,500 (USD240) per month for a 512kbps connection, rising to USD800 per month for a 2Mbps line. The company has identified a total of 1,898 schools nationwide as prospective clients for a five-year period with revenues seen to reach PHP4.82 million in the fifth year of operations. It is also targeting revenues of PHP650,000 by tapping a portion of the 253 hospitals it has highlighted. In total, the operator is projecting revenues of PHP5.47 million over a five-year period.