Italian cellcos seal co-siting agreement

6 Jul 2009

Telecom Italia and 3 Italia have announced that they have signed an agreement which will see them sharing network infrastructure on up to 2,000 sites nationwide for the next three years. The tower sharing agreement will allow each operator to maintain ownership of their network infrastructure but will require them to open sites to house radio mobile stations for their partner. The agreement conforms to the Electronic Communications Code (ECC) of 2003 which calls for the more efficient use of network infrastructure in urban and rural areas. Vincenzo Novari, CEO of 3 Italia said, ‘This is an agreement of huge importance for the telecommunications industry in Italy, because on one hand it improves the cost structures of the two companies, further reducing the environmental impact of a clean technology such as wireless and, on the other hand, it signals a turning point in the continuation in higher levels of competition.’