FT balks at multi-fibre plan: puts brakes on rollout plans

1 Jul 2009

French incumbent France Telecom (FT) has reportedly applied the brakes to its fibre-optic network deployment programme saying it cannot ‘take the risk’ of continuing to roll out optical lines under the country’s proposed multi-fibre solution. Last week the telecoms regulator Arcep decided not to back FT’s proposal for a mono-fibre solution, whereby one fibre is used for all operators to connect individuals in one building. Arcep instead announced its backing for Iliad’s plan to allow two solutions for operators wishing to share the last part of the telecoms network (i.e. from the PSTN into individual properties). Bringing an end to close to two years wrangling on the subject, the watchdog said the multi-fibre solution being put forward by alternative operator Iliad (Free) would offer the best fit in terms of boosting competition.

France, Orange Group