ZTE & Huawei to replace Datang’s TD-SCDMA kit in Guangzhou for China

30 Jun 2009

Interfax China reports that China Mobile’s Shanghai and Guangzhou subsidiaries plan to replace the TD-SCDMA base stations supplied by Datang Telecom Technology with those from ZTE and Huawei on the back of concerns that they are not compatible with future upgrades. An unidentified source in China Mobile’s Guangdong subsidiary said that 30,000 Datang-made TD-SCDMA base stations will be replaced for free by ZTE. The source said that the official reason for the swap is that Datang Telecom’s equipment ‘cannot meet the operator’s requirement of supporting LTE technology.’

China Mobile’s Guangdong subsidiary is not alone in its decision to dump the Datang base stations. A source at Shanghai Mobile said it will be replacing a large portion of its 30,000 TD-SCDMA base stations that were supplied by Datang Telecom with equipment that is being provided for free by Huawei. ‘Huawei’s TD-SCDMA equipment is more advanced thanks to the specialisation of TD Tech, its joint venture with Nokia Siemens Networks. Considering its long-term goal of evolving to TD-LTE, the operator has decided to replace Datang’s equipment,’ the source said.

Datang Telecom refused to comment when contacted by Interfax. The company announced recently that its equipment is performing well in China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA network, and that the TD-SCDMA networks in Guangzhou and Ningbo cities – both of which use Datang equipment – ranked among the top in a China Mobile evaluation.