Telkom to expand wireless payphone network

29 Jun 2009

Indonesia’s largest telecoms operator by subscribers and revenues, PT Telekomunikasi (Telkom), has announced it will continue to expand the reach of its wireless pre-paid card payphone services. The company sees ‘huge market potential’ in the service, used to augment the coverage of the national PSTN, and has already deployed 2,452 new wireless public phones in the first three months of this year to boost its total to more than 39,000. Telkom spokesman Eddy Kurnia is quoted as saying that ‘many people don’t have telephones and they need cheap and easy telecommunications services.’ Despite the latest rollout, Kurnia added that the ratio was still far below the government’s requirements. Under local rules, Telkom is required to make public phones account for 3% of its telecoms products, but even with the expansion, the current rate is 0.42%, he said.

Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia