Public consultation on interconnection regulation begins

25 Jun 2009

The Mexican telecoms regulator Cofetel has begun a public consultation on interconnection cost model proposals as part of wider-ranging plans to establish a new framework for interconnection regulations. The first stage of the public consultation is due to finish on 16 July 2009, and the regulator has called for feedback from industry figures, researchers and the general public.

The consultation forms part of Cofetel’s wider plans to establish a new framework for interconnection legislation, which it has dubbed PTFII. The regulator has faced objections to the proposals however, and in January 2009, despite obtaining approval for the legislation from Cofemer, the country’s anti-trust commission, more than 25 companies levelled criticism at the strategy. Having published its proposals in the official gazette in February, two months later, in April 2009, there was further controversy when a court made a preliminary ruling that exempted mobile operator Telcel from having to adhere to the new regulations. Telcel’s legal challenge was prompted by the most contested element of the PTFII proposals, which relates to the obligation for operators to rent capacity on their networks for use by third parties. Cofetel said it would appeal the ruling.