Internode's 'high speedo' VoIP users dive in with 'Business Trunks'

24 Jun 2009

Australian broadband provider Internode has announced the launch of a new VoIP service aimed at businesses which need multiple voice lines. Internode says its new ‘NodePhone Business Trunks’ service is available within local call zones for Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and customers will need an IP PBX phone system in order to utilise the service, as well as a high speed broadband service with symmetrical bandwidth of 100kbps for each channel. Each service has a 100-number range, with increases in multiples of 100; each 100-number range has a once-off setup fee of AUD50 (USD39.4) and a monthly fee of AUD25. Additionally, each channel costs AUD50 to setup and AUD10 per month to maintain. The operator says it expects the new service to act as a substitute for ISDN services, and Internode’s product manager, Philip Dempster, said it had been created in response to customer demand: ‘Customers were asking us for access to the service that Internode has used internally for several years. During the past year, we have worked with a number of customers to design a product that meets the needs of businesses which require a cost-effective and flexible telephone service.’

Australia, Internode