Anatel conducts public consultation on spectrum usage

22 Jun 2009

Brazil’s telecoms regulator Anatel has launched a public consultation on proposals to open up a number of frequency bands for telecoms, including broadband, use. The watchdog’s consultation invites comments on the use of bands 401.57MHz-401.7MHz and 465.9725MHz-466.0025MHz for fixed and mobile telephony and other services. BNamericas reports the move comes in the wake of interest from firms wishing to deploy a new satellite system for real time data collection from remote sites in the areas of ocean observation, fishing activities and wildlife protection. Under Anatel’s plans, Consultation 22 seeks input on the use of 360MHz-380MHz and options to shift some of the fixed and mobile services using 450MHz-470MHz band to 360MHz-380MHz in order to free up some 450MHz-470MHz spectrum for government digital access programmes.

Further, Consultation 23 also looks at more efficient use of spectrum in 380MHz-400MHz to free up spectrum in 450MHz-470MHz; Consultation 24 focuses on the use of 450MHz-470MHz with a view to encouraging more wireless broadband offerings over this frequency; and Consultation 25 concerns the use of spectrum in 225MHz-270MHz band which could be used for running new applications for Brazil’s industrial sector, particularly for monitoring quality and security of electric energy distribution, Anatel said. Suggestions regarding the various consultations may be made electronically until 13 July.

Commenting on the news, Celedonio von Wuthenau, Latin American director of the CDMA Development Group, told BNamericas that the International Telecoms Union recognises 450MHz as a suitable band for 3G services. ‘CDMA450 is one of the technologies that operates in that band with more than 125 operations in 65 countries. With advances in this regulation, Brazil will be joining countries like Argentina, Belize, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Suriname where there are already operations in the 450MHz-470MHz band,’ von Wuthenau said.