Indotel preparing new regulations

16 Jun 2009

The Dominican Republic’s telecoms regulator, Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones (Indotel), has revealed that it is in the process of preparing new legislation related to spectrum allocation. In a press release the regulator announced it plans to introduce 13 new regulations to update the existing framework, with the new proposals aimed at taking into consideration worldwide technical developments in terms of digital television and radio, satellite services, interconnection and the allocation of frequencies. Indotel has created several technical committees to oversee the implementation of the new regulations.

In addition, the regulator has said that studies are being undertaken with a view to possible regulation of VoIP services, for which Indotel says it will look at the experiences of other countries, and also the definition of active and inactive lines. It is also expected to consider revamping the regulations governing the use of the Fund for the Development of Telecommunications (FDT), the country’s universal service fund.