Internode unveils AUD10 million DSLAM expansion plan

15 Jun 2009

Australian broadband provider Internode has set aside AUD10 million (USD8.13 million) for expanding its ADSL2+ footprint, itNews reports. Internode is expected to spend the bulk of the funds to enhance its presence in the states of Tasmania and Victoria, and the operator plans to install Ericsson DSLAMs in 57 exchanges and upgrade its existing kit in a further 115; it aims to have its own DSLAMs in 170 exchanges nationwide within a year. Half of the exchanges that Internode plans to install new equipment in are located in Victoria, while in Tasmania it will increase its number of exchanges with a presence from two to ten. The investment comes despite plans by the government to roll out a national broadband network under a private-public joint venture, with Pat Tapper, Internode’s CEO, noting: ‘From our perspective, the demand has always been there. It is hard to crystal ball how service providers will connect to the NBN. Our wish is for there to be a transition period, where copper and fibre exist side by side in the exchange.’

Australia, Internode