Cabinet to approve ICT bill this week

15 Jun 2009

Zimbabwe’s Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Ministry has finalised a new draft ICT Bill to modernise the telecoms sector which is expected to be presented to the Cabinet this week for approval, before it goes to Parliament for debate. As part of a 100-day government plan running from 29 April to 6 August, the ministry was expected to finalise the draft law within 60 days, and table the bill in Parliament within 100. ICT minister Nelson Chamisa announced that his ministry was well ahead of the 100-day plan’s other targets which include increasing network capacity utilisation by 20%, and added that work was ongoing to install links to submarine cables to improve data transmission, with the aim of improving inadequate internet capacity and reducing reliance on expensive satellite transmission. He added that an audit of the country’s communications infrastructure was underway to establish the role of each player, as well as assist the government to improve internet facilities. Drafting of the ICT Bill began back in 2007.