KDDI boss calls for NTT split

9 Jun 2009

The president of KDDI Corp Tadashi Onodera has called on the Japanese government to separate former state-run Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp’s (NTT’s) fixed line operations into facilities and services divisions. In an interview with The Nikkei daily last Friday, Onodera said that with fresh discussions on the future make-up of NTT set to begin next year, he intends to propose a functional separation plan. The KDDI supremo says the change is needed because under the current set-up it is difficult to see whether or not NTT’s circuit-leasing charges are fair. Onodera also called on NTT to publish its plans for its fixed line infrastructure development as soon as possible, before calling upon the MIC to implement a new competition policy for the delivery of fibre-optic services, given that the existing rules were drawn up when NTT was the only company offering optical fibre services.