BT ups broadband speeds to 20Mbps

4 Jun 2009

BT, Britain’s largest fixed line and broadband operator by subscribers, has announced that it will more than double the highest level of speed available to both its residential and business customers. The operator revealed that, having enabled 549 exchanges for ADSL2+ services, the speed increase will initially be made available to businesses on an immediate basis; residential subscribers will be upgraded in the summer. BT claims that its initial coverage for the service will allow it to reach approximately ten million homes and businesses, representing around 40% of the country’s population. It expects this to rise to 55% coverage by March 2010. The speed upgrades will be free and automatic, the operator has revealed, and as well as an increase in download speeds, upload speeds will rise to up to 1Mbps. BT will also provide its Broadband Accelerator (also known as the BT I-Plate), a device that it says can help eliminate electrical interference from telephone-extension wiring, thus improving broadband speeds and reliability, free of charge to consumers and businesses that it believes may benefit from it.

BT has also said that it plans to commence trials of its 40Mbps superfast fibre-based broadband in Whitchurch, South Wales and Muswell Hill, London this summer.

United Kingdom, BT Consumer, BT Group (incl. Openreach)