ACCC will maintain regulation on fixed to mobile calling

2 Jun 2009

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has announced the confirmation of a draft decision issued in April 2009, extending the declaration of the mobile terminating access services (MTAS), itWire reports. The regulator will extend the declaration on MTAS for a further five years, and in its announcement it also noted that it would not declare termination of SMS and MMS services. The decision is supported by almost all of the mobile operators, with the sole exception being Optus, which had claimed that the regulation was unnecessary. The ACCC has argued that continued regulation will ensure the promotion of competition, although many operators claim that as a result of incumbent Telstra’s dominance there has been very little reduction in the cost of fixed to mobile calls, despite a decline in the price of terminating calls on mobile networks following multiple ACCC mandates.