WiNetworks announces Mandarin partnership

1 Jun 2009

WiNetworks, developer and supplier of WiMAX technology, has announced that it has agreed a partnership deal with Mandarin WiMAX to deploy mobile broadband equipment across the region of Sicily. Mandarin aims to build a wireless high speed data/voice network using WiNetworks’ 802.16e Wave 2 (MIMO) technology to cover the entire territory of Sicily. Vincenzo De Caro, CEO of Mandarin S.p.A, added, ‘By developing seamless connectivity to the urban and rural residents of Sicily with new technologies, we leverage the enormous benefits of WiMAX solutions. At Mandarin WiMAX we expect to see expansion in all areas, reaching more customers and offering them the benefits of WiMAX at excellent rates.’ Mandarin acquired a WiMAX 3.5GHz licence covering Sicily in 2008.