Swedish operators agree on more honest marketing of mobile broadband speeds

26 May 2009

Sweden’s four main mobile network operators TeliaSonera, Tele2, Telenor and 3 have agreed on common guidelines for advertising download speeds of their mobile broadband services, set to be adopted no later than 1 September this year, reports Dow Jones Newswires. Under the new guidelines customers can see the practical maximum speed achieved instead of just a theoretical maximum speed. The agreed practical maximum speeds are as follows (theoretical maximums in brackets): W-CDMA (3G) 300kbps (384kbps); HSDPA (3.5G, locally referred to as Turbo 3G), depending on each operator’s implementation of the technology, 3Mbps (3.6Mbps), 6Mbps (7.2Mbps), 10Mbps (14.4Mbps); HSPA+ 16Mbps (21Mbps).

EDGE (commonly used to fill in gaps in 3G/3.5G coverage) and W-LAN (Wi-Fi) technologies were not included in the trade agreement, though TeliaSonera independently resolved to advertise practical maximum download speeds for EDGE (200kbps) and W-LAN (22Mbps).