Vodafone ‘quick-fix’ plan to deliver broadband to rural Ireland

20 May 2009

Vodafone Ireland has reportedly developed a ‘quick-fix’ solution that could deliver 3G wireless broadband services to 99% of rural Ireland, provided ComReg amends the cellco’s existing 2G concession, siliconrepublic.com reports citing the company’s strategy director Gerry Fahy. In an interview Fahy said: ‘Without these spectrum changes and making use of abundant 2G spectrum, we can’t deliver the services we’d like to. We’re anxious to see a re-farming of wireless spectrum in Ireland … We could today give 99% of the population access to 3G speeds, if we could use 3G on the old 2G networks’. Vodafone has approached the regulator asking it to consider rolling over its 2G licence for ten to 15 years to enable it to deliver high speed services without the government having to intervene.

Vodafone Ireland claims to be the Republic’s second largest broadband service provider with 190,000 fixed and mobile customers. The online journal notes that Vodafone recently signed a EUR17 million (USD23 million) deal with metropolitan area network (MAN) provider E-net to improve the operator’s 3G broadband capability throughout Ireland by bringing fibre to many of its national base stations.

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