ipNX to expand WiMAX network

20 May 2009

Nigerian WiMAX operator ipNX has inked a deal with network infrastructure and managed services provider Helios Towers to expand the telecoms company’s network nationwide. Under the agreement, Helios will provide end-to-end co-location services, including maintenance, backhaul and managed services, and will allow ipNX to lease over 300 of its 1,000 tower sites to increase network capacity. ipNX currently provides a range of telecoms and IT services to corporate organisations over its IP-based network, using both radio and satellite technologies. As part of its growth strategy, ipNX plans to extend its services to small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as residential customers. In the long term, the company aims to have a strategic presence in the wireline market to ensure that it will be able to provide services which require high bandwidth in the last mile.

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