Lattelecom and Synterra establish fibre-optic link between Latvia and Russia

19 May 2009

Latvian fixed line and broadband operator Lattelecom has announced that, in partnership with Russian telco Synterra, it has established what it claims is the first commercial fibre-optic link between Latvia and Russia. Each operator was responsible for the installation of the network hardware on the respective sides of the border, with the link between Pytalovo in Russia and Rezekne in Latvia. The link offers an initial connection speed of 2.5Gbps and it is understood that the two telcos will seek to increase this to 10Gbps by the end of 2009. The connection will provide Latvia with full access to services that are offered by Synterra, including international and intercity links, leasing of trunk channels, services based on the IP MPLS network, internet access, access to data centres, and shared calling centre resources. Lattelecom meanwhile will provide Synterra access to its own product range.

Latvia, Russia, Synterra, Tet (Lattelecom Group)